Self-building, super-simple system to manage content on your sites!

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Configuration in JSON

Amazing CMS builds its interface from simple JSON file with configuration.
You can set what you want to manage and build own data types. For example - you want to manage blog posts? - create data type "posts", sorted by timestamp, with fields in it:  "name" - txt, "photo" - img and "content" - rich text. Amazing CMS handles the rest.


Data, not page based

All your data is stored in JSON documents. You can easily access your data directly!
For example your blog posts will be under:



Amazing CMS runs entirely in the browser! It uses Firebase, with is free (for simple use) and reliable (Google's) platform to run your database, and even host your sites over HTTPS!

"Why we need Amazing CMS? To have abilities of easily managing content through browser without losing the ability to access data directly and put is in our own code not in the WYSWIG page builder."

Mateusz Choma - CEO @ Amazing Design